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CSS - Donkey [2008]
Formed in 2003 in São Paulo, Brazil by a group of art-damaged, pop culture omnivores with an abiding thirst for good times, CSS is, among a great many other things, the first South American band signed to the overrated Sub Pop label of Seattle, Wash. CSS’s debut full-length, Cansei de Ser Sexy (“I got tired of being sexy” in Brazilian Portuguese) was released in July of 2006, and the band was nearly immediately, and pretty fairly described by The Guardian (July 21, 2006) with, “…they sound like an unlikely, brilliantly wrong fusion of Tom Tom Club, dance culture and the Fall.”

In the time since Cansei de Ser Sexy came out, CSS has been very busy. They’ve toured around the world a number of times, with the likes of Gwen Stefani, Ladytron, Klaxons, Diplo, played festivals from Coachella, Pitchfork and Virgin, to Reading, Benicassim, Roskilde, and beyond. Vocalist Lovefoxx showed up at #3 on NME’s 2007 “Cool List” (which is a step in the right direction anyway…). And, their song “Music is My Hot, Hot Sex” was used in a worldwide iPod Touch ad in late 2007, driving the song, nearly a year-and-a-half after its release, to become the highest charting single by a Brazilian band in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Produced in Brazil by the band’s own Adriano Cintra and mixed in Los Angeles by Mark “Spike” Stent (whose credits include Madonna, Bjork, Massive Attack, U2, M.I.A., and Arcade Fire), Donkey is tough, street-ready, and recreates the frenetic energy of their live shows. And really, with CSS the live show is the thing. Equal parts dance party, urban circus, and out-and-out chaos, the band’s unaffected, unbridled joy in performance is for real and for you. Ride the Donkey!

01. Jager Yoga
02. Rat Is Dead (Rage)
03. Let's Reggae All Night
04. Give Up
05. Left Behind
06. Beautiful Song
07. How I Became Paranoid
08. Move
09. I Fly
10. Believe Achieve
11. Air Painter
Категория: Релизы | Добавил: Dj_Shnur (09 Июл 2008) | Автор: Alex
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