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E Bridge - Folklore (SUSHP07)
[ ] 19 Мар 2008, 13:54
Artist: E Bridge
Title: Folklore
Label: Sushitech Purple
Cat#: SUSHP07
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1Khz / Full Stereo
Released: 26.02.2008
Tracks: 4
Size: 94,6 MB
Uploaded: Zippyshare/iFolder

This Sushitech Purple 07 double pack belongs to E. Bridge (Alejandro Mosso) who is already known to us from his previous record on the label. The first record is opening with Altossucios, the famous guitar track of Alejandro that has finally arrived!! A very deep and emotional tune with lots melody from the latin guitar and a deep rhythm that makes this track perfect for long dj sets and after hours. On the flip side we have Puente Del Inca. This track starts with wave sounds that take us quickly into the groove of the track and then just explodes with great childish sweet melody that is sure to put a grin on your face while listening to it. Moving to the other record we have a great remix by Dandy Jack who really needs no introduction. The track starts with a deep kick drum with some filtered percussion which makes up the main groove on the track. The guitar of the original track is used on this remix in a very intelligent and subtle form. The track twists and turns through atmospheric elements and tight bass parts finally exploding with the main kick driving things forward and creating frenzy on the dance floor! A genius production make this track sounds like few tracks into one. This is Dandy Jack taking Altossucios all the way to the Queen of Mars! Turning to the flip over we have another beautiful remix for Puente Del Inca made by Gregorythme (Digitaline) of the Cadenza fame. Taking the original track down his own path Gregorythme creates a very wise minimal tune that builds up from a great lead bass and keeps the melody of the original track in the background making a great flow of a mixing track. This is very exciting project that we have worked on for a very long time and we hope you will feel the music in the same way we do.

01.Altossucios (Original Mix) 10:33
02.Puente Del Inca (Original Mix) 12:26
03.Altossucios (Dandy Jack And The Queen Of Mars Remix) 08:06
04.Puente Del Inca (Gregorythme Remix) 10:13


Скачал - выскажи свое мнение о релизе!!!
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